Released on Multi Culti, June 5, 2023 > catalogue: MC064

SIMPLE SYMMETRY turn in an epic, mournful EP that reflects on their journey in exile. Quoting their own words “The world as we know ended on 24th of February 2022, when the brutal mechanism of continuing, massive destruction of humanity and faith has been triggered.” 

After a long-standing affiliation with Multi Culti that includes remixes for Nicola Cruz’s ‘Tzantza’ and Drugface’s ‘In The Clouds’, as well as the huge edit ‘Yalla’ for CULTED001, the Russian brothers weigh in with a heavy 12” that comes on the back of an emotional year where they defected from Moscow, their world turned upside down by politics of aggression.

The EP’s first track ‘Problem’ is built around a kernel of punk panic performed by Hugo Van Heijningen (of Red Light Radio, Cawd Slaydaz, Order Collective).

The anxious rage embedded in that opener finds a kind of disoriented catharsis in ‘Where I Am’, an uptempo ravey anthem that recalls the rush of CJ Bolland’s ‘Electronic Superhighway’ with a sense of angst and energy all their own. It’s the song of the soul-searching raver, finding a sense of home in the ecstasy of the dance, amidst a backdrop of oppressive fear and uncertainty.

Back in 2020, Simple Symmetry were invited to play at a small and beautiful festival in Marrakech. That was exciting in itself, but even more exciting was the prospect of finally meeting Andrew Weatherall and having the opportunity to chat with him. Like many others in the so-called electronic music scene, they were deeply influenced and captivated by Weatherall, considering him a mentor and an almost imaginary friend.

Unfortunately, that conversation never came to be as he passed away on February 17, 2020. The festival never took place; it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several months later, while enduring the confines of lockdown, SIMPLE SYMMETRY began working on the sketch for ‘Funeral of Past Affections‘ – their earnest attempt to engage in a transcendental conversation with someone who held such profound significance for them.

Supporting them on this trip are long-time compatriots Red Axes, a natural fit for the indie-punk elements in ‘Problem,’ and Multi Culti’s mystery man Ofofo.

SIMPLE SYMMETRY‘s productions stand the test of time as they unleash their tracks upon dance floors months before releasing them. Case in point with this live recorded set for PROEKT in Tel Aviv-Yafo with their EP’s first track ‘Problem‘ played back in March.

As the world waits for this war to end let’s unite our support for our dearly missed friend’s SIMPLE SYMMETRY, who we first interviewed back in 2019 (The T.T.T. Archives), as they continue to release musical wonders from exile away from their loved ones.


Multi Culti – June 5, 2023 – Vinyl Record + Digital Release

Tune ouT Tokyo thanks SIMPLE SYMMETRY and MULTI CULTI.