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ZOMBIES IN MIAMI is a project created by Cani & Jenouise based in Aguacalientes in the heart of Mexico. Despite the name ZOMIES IN MIAMI they are not crawling around Miami, but shining out their light across the globe. The couple have became one of the most prominent members of Mexico‘s vital electronic scene over the last decade. You can call their sound a rhythmic and synth-driven house and techno hybrid, with a disco and balearic twist, which is held together by the oh so sweet Italo Drama.

Interview with Cani from ZOMBIES IN MIAMI and Fled Tokyo from Tune ouT Tokyo.

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ZOMBIES IN MIAMI burst onto the world stage after highly acclaimed EPs and tracks for such diverse labels as Gerd Janson’s Running Back, Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondent, and on Prins Thomas’s Internasjonal they released their first album “2712” on Permanent Vacation.

ZOMBIES IN MIAMI play regularly in top clubs around the world like Berghain / Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson, Nitsa, Lux Fragil, Good Room, Vent and also festivals such as Sonar, Fusion, Burning Man, Garbicz, Mutek and many more.

They started their own label called Creatures of the Night. Besides the ZOMBIES IN MIAMI DJ duo they have another project influenced by techno & experimental live music called ‘Planet ZIM’. They are expecting to play some special Live Acts in Europe for 2023.

TUNE OUT TOKYO: The ZOMBIES IN MIAMI schedule is busy with some big upcoming performances. After Japan you performing in Puerto Escondido, Mexico for the VORTX Festival. Then at the Gop Tun Festival in Village Canindé, Brazil. After that it’s the Superski ‘Mondo Moderno’ Release party in Paris, France. May 29th you’re playing at CircoLoco Ibiza in Spain.

Is it your first time playing CircoLoco Ibiza? And how excited is ZOMBIES IN MIAMI to perform there?

ZOMBIES IN MIAMI: Yes! Actually it’s our debut in Ibiza and Circoloco. Of course it’s a special one because we’ve never been in the city and it’s well know as one of the electronic music capitals in the world. Playing an institution as DC-10 is great for us. Many good artists are playing there week by week and it’s motivating for us to have the invitation to play there for the first time. We are very looking forward for this show. Also the line up looks amazing with some friends.


ZIM played Johnny Faneau’s QUE RICO party at Circus Tokyo on March 31st, 2023. The last time you performed at Vent, Tokyo for the Huit Etoiles 6th Anniversary Party I remember you had a synthesizer connected as a part of your DJ set.

Do you still have this hardware in your DJ set?

We are changing all the time. All our sets can change last minute. For example we are playing lots of dj sets now, but sometimes we can add drum machines, synths or vocals on top. Definitely is more fun for us because the interaction with the machines and the crowd is different. For QUE RICO we played a dj set with vocals.

In 2023 ZOMBIES IN MIAMI were planning to perform as Live Act in Europe.

Is this plan coming to fruition this year? And what gear will be apart of the Live Act?

Definitely we’ll play live sets forever! We started our project doing this. For the summer we’ll play some festivals and clubs live. We almost use (only) Roland gear. We are working as brand ambassadors with them since last year. The sound of the live act is different because we play only ZOMBIES IN MIAMI tracks. Of course with the same intention changing styles and rhythms, but in our DJ set we can play tracks from another projects and artists.

ZOMBIES IN MIAMI ‘Live Sunrise Session’ en City Room @ Isla Mujeres

Let’s get into ZOMBIES IN MIAMI releases and album. You started releasing back in 2011 with your Cyborg EP.

Since then you have released on labels worldwide such as Correspondant, Running Back, Roam Recordings, Suara, Cin Cin, La Dame Noir, Creatures of the Night, Internasjonal, Kompakt, and Cómeme to name a few.

In 2020 you released your first LP album ‘2712’ on Permanent Vacation. Recently in early March, 2023, you released your ‘Be Free’ EP on Correspondant Records.

Any future plans for the next album? Are there any releases you can talk about?

We have a very busy schedule with releases. We enjoyed a lot good chances to produce our last EP ‘Be Free’. The next releases are coming over summer. One of those EPs is on Live At Robert Johnson and one more on Permanent Vacation. Also we’re preparing another one with Mystery Affair on our label with a Prins Thomas remix.

Cani, you and Jenouise took a little time to enjoy a little sightseeing, the picturesque views and the world-class Japanese food in Kyoto and Osaka.

Japanese culture is very inspiring and captivating for electronic artists.

After leaving Japan does this inspiration impact your creative process and music productions?

Of course it’s very inspiring for us to come to Japan. We love the country so much. The culture is very rich and unique and we can get the vibes to put in our style and productions. On the way traveling from Kyoto to Tokyo we took the computer to start to produce one track on the way. Inspiring us from all the views. We’ll release this for sure 🙂 


Correspondant Records – 2023 – Record/Vinyl + Digital Release


ZOMBIES IN MIAMI Jenouise and Cani in Kyoto, Japan

INTERVIEWER: Fled Tokyo, Tune ouT Tokyo

LOCATION: Osaka, Japan

EVENT: QUE RICO – ZOMBIES IN MIAMI @ Circus, Tokyo > March 31st, 2023

EVENT: 230401 @ Note, Tokyo > April 1st, 2023


Tune ouT Tokyo thanks Cani and Jenouise from ZOMBIES IN MIAMI, Johnny Faneau and Circus, Tokyo.

日本語記事(DIGLE MAGAZINE掲載)はこちら> mag.digle.tokyo/interview/173971

TRANSLATOR: Aoi Kurihara